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Brian Henry
July 2012
# otsukisama

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When I bought the Logic 7, everybody in my class said "you are having new version!", beside we were using Logic 6 at our lectures. By that time, those two versions of logic which I was handling, couldn't work out the same project perfectly, but I didn't feel so bad about that point, because I've got new version.
Then, time was passing, and now is getting to be almost 5 years since when I bought it. There is so many people who are using newer version of logic than mine. So, my mind was totally changed, not feeling so good with my 7. It was OK, but, as normal problems, many unpleased situation were happened, like crashing files while I was working on it and banish whole project, cause by changing my mac to the brand new one. I can't say how much I upset that time. it was very irritable , indeed....

Then, I decided to up grade my logic, finally. It was arrived today, and now, installing it to my mac.

Feeling so exciting, but somehow, I already start to miss the old version.
Wired..... but it's what I always feel when I got something new and stop to use old one.
Because of that feeling, I want to use english to write this article. The first time when I used Logic, I was in the Guildford.....
I'll miss the old version as well as I'm missing my old days at the Guildford.......

Anyway, I still look forward to getting know the new version though...

anyway, my english is still so poor......
Should I write more articles in english for practicing english??

Logic studioになりましたーーーーーーー!!